Learn What?

Learn to mix beats using a MacBook Pro, some Pioneer™ decks and some tasty JBL speakers, from a pro in our London office/studio. 

Learn where?

Our office/studio in Whitechapel or Canning Town

Learn how?

Hands-on is the only way! Watch, learn, try it, mess it up, try again, master it. 

We give you the knowledge so that you  will get this. It can be frustrating, but everything in life worth learning, is. 

with who?

Vinney White has been mixing tracks for 25 years (started on vinyl of course), and has been a professional radio DJ and talk show host for 10 years. He makes and remixes tracks as a producer. He’s DJ’d on the beaches of Thailand and the clubs of Toronto. More info on him, here.

100% Happy

Don’t pay if you’re not. Simple!

→ Just some of it →


  • Programming and selecting your music
  • Overview of DJ equipment and related software
  • Analysing tempo, energy and musicality of tracks
  • Cuing, beat matching and phrasing
  • Managing bass and EQ mixing techniques
  • Alternative Mixing techniques (drop, blending, FX)
  • Using hot cues, memory markers and loops
  • Performance techniques and managing energy of a crowd
  • Developing creative ideas and practice techniques
  • Recording mixes and analysing progress