He set me up and taught me the basics, using a Newmark N4, this was really helpful because when it came to buying my own controller, I knew what to get!

He made me feel really comfortable and confident, even though at first I didn’t know what I was doing! For sure I recommend.  

Emma Freeman, Brighton, UK

Every time I DJ at the bar and make a sick mix I thank Vinney White in my head! Thank you DJ Sensei!

Alex Abarca, Ottawa, Canada

I knew nothing of this stuff, I just knew I loved house music. I wanted to be able to do more than just tap my foot to it. I had two lessons with Vinney. He showed me how to mix tunes.

I was creating my own 2hr non-stop mixes for friends within weeks – not perfect like, but pretty solid. There’s no judgement or rush. In an industry of wanna-be cool people, that’s really refreshing. 

Colm Bower, Hackney, London