DJ BASIC£45 for 1.5hrs (all lessons are one-to-one) 
Learn about timing, pitch, tempo, beat-matching, effects, what goes well with what (and what doesn’t), scratching, backspinning, and the emergency-mix (one day you might need it – you’ll thank us).

In time, you will learn the basics of production so you can start creating your own music. This course covers all kinds of music from trance to dubstep to hiphop and more.

You will be using the decks from the beginning of lesson one.

Pay as you go. Start with one lesson and let’s see how you go.

DJ ADVANCED: £45 for 1.5hrs (all lessons are one-to-one) 
You have DJ’d lots before but you have problems in some areas and you need to iron them out. You want to get to a point where you can create a really varied and stylish set incorporating looping, sampling, scratching and all kinds of trickery. Lessons as you need them.

As many as you need. Pay as you go.